Saturday, July 25, 2020

LDPE Bag Manufacturer

Kedia Plastics provides Low density polyethylene bag of various size and attractive design which is soft and flexible. Plastic shopping bags, grocery bags and trash bags which are thick, flexible and shiny are made with LDPE. It is available from 7 to 60 inches in width and thickness from 25 microns to 100 microns in order to go with the requirement of customer. It is famous for its high strength and moisture proof qualities.As they have moisture resistance properties so that it help in keeping fresh content for a long period.

 Ldpe bags are similar to innovative in one way that takes it care of the material packed inside. The Kedia Plastics are the major LDPE bags manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We provide the broad collection of the LDPE bags like LDPE Packaging Bags, Printed LDPE Bags, LDPE Plain Bags, etc. that also at an attractive price.
LDPE bags are generally safe that has no health issue and most commonly used package bread or frozen food. The Kedia plastics manufacture LDPE bags using finest quality and high-grade raw material. These bags are highly demanded in the national and international market and it is economically priced. Ldpe bags are resistant to impact, waterproof with a strong performance and can resist many dangerous chemicals.

In the initial stage of LDPE manufacturing ethylene (natural gas) is used. The molten polyethylene is extruded into strings and cut into pellets that are cooled in water and then the cooled pellets are placed in a container where water is removed and then through the air streaming process LDPE is removed and stored. Then these LDPE remelted and fashioned into bags which is widely used in packaging of chemicals, frozen foods, glass products, welding rods, poultry, potting soil and many more products.

The features of LDPE bags are as follows:

1.            Attractive,
2.            Light weight,
3.            Cost effective,
4.            Long-lasting
5.            Linear low density
6.            Fractional melts low density
7.            UVI

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